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Although Libertad Lamarque is best remembered as a film star and recording personality, it must be remembered that she started out as a stage actress and that she left her mark in countless of plays and stage musicals.  

We are displaying on this page some of Miss Lamarque’s greatest hits in legitimate theater.

Author (s)
"Madre Tierra"
Debut in Rosario
March 11, 1926
"La Muchacha de Montmartre"
J.A. Saldias
Debut at the Teatro Nacional, Buenos Aires
April 5, 1929
"El Conventillo de la Paloma"
A. Vacarezza
1,000 performances

"La Viuda Alegre"
F. Lehar
 18 de Julio Theater, Montevideo, Uruguay
"Los Tres Valses"
O. Strauss
Teatro Nacional, Buenos Aires
"Los Tres Valses"
O. Strauss
Coliseo Solis, Montevideo
September 20, 1967
"Hello, Dolly"
M. Stewart
J. Herman
Odeón Theater in  Buenos Aires
May to August
"Hello, Dolly"
M. Stewart
J. Herman
Manolo Fábregas  Theater in México D.F.
June to December 1972
B. Comdon
A. Green
Teatro Cómico in Buenos Aires
Libertad  and her brother Pedro shared the same passion for performing.
In the early years he was her mentor and guide.

Libertad surrounded by chorus girls at the Maipo Theater in Buenos Aires 1933
A face that lightened up the stages in the roaring 20s.

Libertad´s majestic presence shone on "The Merry Widow"  (1933)

Libertad sang "Tanita de la proa"
in the play "Los Hombres de la Rivera" (1926)
Another successful play
"Pata de Palo" (1929)

Libertad with the cast of O. Strauss´ "The Three Waltzes"  The photo shows the magnificent wardrobe in this stage production.

And then came...


A triumphal return to stage musicals with
"Hello Dolly"
Libertad and cast of "Applause" in action!

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